responsibility re‧spon‧si‧bil‧i‧ty [rɪˌspɒnsˈbɪlti ǁ rɪˌspɑːn-] noun
1. [uncountable] when someone is officially in charge of something and has to make decisions about it:
responsibility for

• In his new post, he will assume responsibility for all the company's radio and TV operations.

ˌcorporate ˌsocial responsiˈbility abbreviation CSR also ˌcorporate responsiˈbility [countable, uncountable]
the idea that a company's role is not just about producing goods, but that it has a duty to help people in society and protect the environment:

• For our firm, corporate responsibility means striving to do what is right and being a good neighbor in the community.

• Corporate social responsibility ( CSR) is becoming fundamental to the creation of long-term wealth for corporations, as well as being ‘the right thing to do’.

2. responsibilities [plural] all the things someone is in charge of in a particular job, position etc:

• My workload and responsibilities have increased more than my salary.

3. [uncountable] blame for something bad that has happened:
corporate social responsibility for

• As chief executive, I accept responsibility for certain administrative problems.

• Lawyers for the airline denied any responsibility for the incident.

* * *

responsibility UK US /rɪˌspɒnsəˈbɪləti/ noun
[C or U] something that it is your job or duty to deal with: responsibility to do sth »

As a board member, I have a responsibility to ask questions.

responsibility towards sb »

We have a special responsibility towards our employees.

responsibility for sth »

She will now assume responsibility for the Logistics Division.


take/delegate/share responsibility

[U] blame for something that has happened: responsibility for sth »

I accept responsibility for the problems.


The company denies responsibility for the disaster.

[plural] the things you are in charge of in your job: »

Those who survive redundancy may feel compelled to take on increasing responsibilities.


Employees' increased responsibilities are not always recognized.

See also CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY(Cf. ↑corporate social responsibility), ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY(Cf. ↑environmental responsibility), SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY(Cf. ↑social responsibility)

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